What if a stray cat bites you?

Cats can be complicated creatures. A harmless, innocent and cute animal one minute, can turn into an aggressive, harsh and wild creature another moment. It is very hard to predict a cat’s behavior. It is true that we might feel pity for a stray dog in our street and want to take is a pet. But some cats can be very harsh and stubborn. Even there are cases of a domestic cat of lashing out. So, if you had the unfortunate experience of being bitten by a cat, here are some things that you should know.

What danger can a cat bite pose?
Cat bites can seldom take you to the emergency room, but they pose a much greater nuisance. They are not that strong to tear your flesh or break any of your bone. But the wound of a cat bite can be very deep. Which not only increases the chances of infection but also will be very hard to clean. Also, the mouth of a cat is home to a variety of bacteria, more so the case for stray cats. So, the bite can result in a severe infection.

Immediate things to do after a cat bite
First thing you should do after a cat bite is placed the wound in running water. This will prove helpful in sweeping away some of the bacteria on the surface of the wound. In case the wound is bleeding, no need to stop but try to brace it. As bleeding will flush away some nasty bacteria present in deep inside the wound. Don’t use hard disinfectants, as they will only hurt in addition to causing damage to the tissue.

Always look for medical attention
Although, there is a great chance that cat bites will result in an infection. But it is always recommended to seek medical attention immediately after being bitten. Stats prove that a considerable number of patients had to be admitted to the hospital and given medical care. There various complications that can develop after a cat bites like nerve damage, joint problem, abscesses, bone infection or severe skin damage. In severe cases, surgery may be essential to remove the bacteria and thoroughly clean the wound.

The cat bites are cleaned with antibiotics. The drug mostly used to treat cat wounds is penicillin. The doctor will give you tetanus injection if you haven’t been given already in recent time. An infection known as rabies can also develop as a result of stray animal bites. It is a very serious condition and in some cases can prove to be deadly. You would be given a complete rabies vaccination. As stated earlier, in some cases the cat bites can penetrate so deep that surgery has to be done to clean the wound completely.

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